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Download Links
Created at 07:47 AM on Thursday March 6th, 2014
Due to poorly programmed/stupid web crawlers trying to download EVERYTHING from my website each time they visit (Including all hosted installers) I've modified all of my download links. They now require JavaScript.  I've kept it human readable in the page source in case some one needs the direct link (like someone using wget).

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Bugfix Release - MyEnTunnel 3.6.1
Created at 07:48 PM on Tuesday February 4th, 2014

No matter how hard you try someone always finds a bug. ;) This release fixes a bug where MyEnTunnel thinks it is connected when it really isn't.

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New Release of MyEnTunnel 3.6.0.
Created at 02:36 PM on Sunday February 2nd, 2014

After a major rewrite I've decided to release a new version of MyEnTunnel. Please read the changes section before downloading. Note: This version may not be as stable as due to internal changes (moving the monitoring inside a thread and the addition of the ping routines).

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Created at 10:34 AM on Tuesday May 28th, 2013
I've decided to take down my local forums. The sheer number of crawlers/spiders and forum expliot seeking scripts has gotten out of hand recently. I'm tired of attempting to shut them down and block them. At this point it's simply easiest to remove the forums and not have to worry about it. Granted there is useful information in some posts but my forums have never really been "active" and I don't think it'll be too great of a loss.

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BTGuard Issues
Created at 11:34 AM on Wednesday May 23rd, 2012

To the people leaving me questions or hate mail complaining about the BTGuard service:

I'm not part of, associated with or employed by BTGuard in any way.

I don't get a single penny from BTGuard; they just use MyEnTunnel (and they removed my license file which DOES piss me off).

I can't answer any of your questions so please stop it. You're barking up the wrong tree.

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Changes needed in Industrialized Education
Created at 06:48 AM on Wednesday December 15th, 2010
I've always wondered about the state of our education system; how it functions, its goals and relevance to today’s society.  This is especially true now that I have a child who will be starting public education in less than a year. 

Is it time to reevaluate and radically overhaul public schools?

Watch the video below and consider its message:

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Spam spam spam spam. Lovely spam! Wonderful spam!
Created at 07:18 AM on Thursday November 11th, 2010
It's been slightly over a year since I added the forums to my website. Until very recently I received very little spam even with guest/anonymous posting enabled. But in the last two months spam bots have started hammering the forums. Initially it was easy enough to remove the postings by hand; but the volume continued to grow and it became more and more work to remove them. Earlier this week I decided enough was enough.

The only real reason to spam my forums is to cross post links in an effort to boost search engine rankings. So I've disabled links inside of guest postings. Hopefully that simple change will stop the majority of spam.

One of the best ways to stop spam is to simply not let the bots post. After digging around the SMF forums I stumbled upon a plug-in that uses Bad Behavior on the back-end. It checks for malformed responses, incorrect protocol implementations and other fingerprints to identify a spammer and deny them access.  However the extension was written for SMF 2.x forums and I'm using a customized 1.x version. I ended up using the "generic" version of Bad Behavior and modified it to work with my forums.

And the Pièce de résistance: On each post submission I look at the history in the Apache logs; any attempt to bulk post will automatically result in getting firewalled. =)

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Server Death
Created at 02:59 PM on Monday November 1st, 2010
All good things must come to an end. This includes faithful Linux servers. Two days ago my main Linux server of 7+ years started having hardware problems: the negative 12 volt rail started bouncing between -10 and -14 volts. Thankfully it continued to work long enough to migrate all of my data to a new box. 

The original box was running Red Hat 9 (Shrike). Periodically I'd update it; manually compiling the latest version of the services it provided (apache, bind, sendmail, ssh, etc.,..) This time around I decided to use Ubuntu Server 10.04.1 LTS (Lucid Lynx) and save myself a lot of headaches by using the built in packages. The amusing bit is most of the services are actually older than what I was running previously. Oh well. 

So I've begun restoring services slowly. Its amazing how many tweaks, hacks and other configuration changes one can accumulate in seven years. ;) As always, the devils in the details. Some services are taking quite a bit longer to restore than I'd originally hoped (theres always a small learning curve when switching distributions).

So if you find something broken; acting odd or otherwise doesn't seem right please drop me a line and let me know. Thanks!

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More Changes and Observations
Created at 07:15 AM on Thursday July 15th, 2010
I've been at it again; tweaking my website. I added AJAX to the calendar so one can browse through the months and years. I've added a "go to homepage" onclick event to the headers block (most websites implement this in one form or another) and fixed a few small bugs dealing with older articles in the history / news page.

And I noticed a few oddities while reviewing my Apache logs:

It seems the vast majority of connection attempts from China requesting the MyEnTunnel page end up getting reset (104 connection reset by peer). I'm guessing the Great Firewall of China is actively blocking it...?

I've also seen a ton of requests for my favicon.ico from Firefox (and only Firefox). It requests favicon.ico every 20 to 60 seconds as long as the page is displayed in the browser. Initially I thought it was a bad proxy or some type of script doing this; however... While I working on my website my copy of Firefox started doing it. It doesn't do it very often; nor can I manually get it to trigger. It's very hard to reproduce and only seems to happen with the 3.x line. Occasionally it'll happen with other images as well. I know the browser has the object cached as Apache will constantly return 304 Not Modified to the requests. Has anyone seen this behavior before? A new (old?) Firefox bug?

And I've been debating adding a Paypal donate button to my website. I've had quite a few requests to make the service portion of MyEnTunnel work with Windows 7. And I would... But I don't have a copy of Windows 7 to test with! In the past several people have offered to donate to the project and I think this might be worth pursuing now. Is it worth the hassle?

And one last newsworthy item: MyEnTunnel has received another award! This time it won "Editor's Pick" from Software Informer [link].

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Website Cleaning/Updates
Created at 01:45 PM on Sunday July 11th, 2010
Earlier today I spent some time cleaning up and removing random(garbage?) comments on the website. While doing this I noticed that comments ended up getting split between the forums and the CMS. In an attempt to reconcile this, I've started merging CMS threads into the forums and directly integrating the forums by linking to the topics.

I've also decided I need to post more regularly. My last post was back in March over three months ago. Ideally I'd like to do a posting at least twice a month. And with all projects I've been working on I have quite a bit of material to add.

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